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Is a professional software tool for project managers to measure and estimate the Time, Cost, Complexity, Quality and Maintainability of software projects as well as Development Team Productivity by analyzing their source code. By using a modern software sizing algorithm called Weighted Micro Function Points (WMFP) a successor to solid ancestor scientific methods as COCOMO, COSYSMO, Maintainability Index Cyclomatic Complexity, and Halstead Complexity, It produces more accurate results than traditional software sizing tools, while being faster and simpler to configure. 

Tip: You can click the i icon on the bottom right corner of each area of ProjectCodeMeter to get help specific for that area.

General Introduction
* Quick Getting Started Guide
* Introduction to ProjectCodeMeter

Quick Function Overview
* Measuring project cost and development time
* Measuring additional cost and time invested in a project revision
* Producing a price quote for an Existing project
* Monitoring an Ongoing project development team productivity
* Evaluating development team past productivity
* Evaluating the attractiveness of an outsourcing price quote
* Predicting a Future project schedule and cost for internal budget planning
* Predicting a price quote and schedule for a Future project
* Evaluating the quality of a project source code

Software Screen Interface
* Project Folder Selection
* Settings
* File List
* Charts
* Summary
* Reports

Extended Information
* System Requirements
* Supported File Types
* Command Line Parameters
* Frequently Asked Questions