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Differential Sizing of the Changes Between 2 Revisions of the Same Project

This process enables comparing an older version of the project to a newer one, as results will measure the time and cost of the delta (change) between the two versions. ProjectCodeMeter performs a truly differential source code comparison since analysis is based on a parser, free from the "negative SLOC" problem.

Step by step instructions:
 1. Make sure you don't have any open ProjectCodeMeter report files in your spreadsheet or browser, as these files will be updated
 2. Put on your local disk a folder with the current project revision  (excluding any auto generated files, files created by 3rd party, files taken from previous projects)
 3. Select this folder into the Project Folder textbox
 4. Click to select the Differential Comparison checkbox to enable checking only revision differences
 5. Put on your local disk a folder with an older revision of your project , can be the code starting point (skeleton or code templates) or any previous version
 6. Select this folder into the Old Version Folder textbox
 7. Select the Settings describing the current version of the project
 8. Click "Analyze", when the analysis process finishes the results will be shown at the bottom right summary screen