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Steps for Sizing an Existing Project

This process enables measuring programming cost and time invested in an existing software project according to the WMFP algorithm. This process is useful in assessing the effort (work hours) of a single developer or a development team (either in-house or outsourced). Note that development processes exhibiting high amount of design change require accumulating differential analysis results, Refer to compatibility notes for using Agile development processes with the APPW statistical model. For measuring only the difference from the last version use the Differential Project Sizing process.

Step by step instructions:
 1. Make sure you don't have any open ProjectCodeMeter report files in your spreadsheet or browser, as they prevent files from being updated
 2. Using Windows explorer, Identify files to be estimated, usually only files created for this project (excluding  files auto-generated by the development tools, data files, and files provided by a third party)
 3. Copy these files to a separate new folder
 4. Select this folder into the Project Folder textbox
 5. Select the Settings describing the project (make sure not to select "Differential comparison").
 6. Click the "Analyze" button. When 
analysis finishes, Time and Cost results will be shown at the bottom right summary screen