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Shows a textual summary of measurements for the entire project. Percentage values are given in percents relative to the whole project. The main results and metrics are given according to the WMFP cost model and metric elements,  Quality indexes and warnings, as well as Quantitative metrics. In Normal Analysis, results show the entire project measurement, while in Differential mode, the results measure only the difference from the old version. For comparison purposes, measured COCOMO and REVIC results are also shown, Please note the Differences Between COCOMO and WMFP results.
Optionally, if a code words list was
extracted (settable in Advanced Configuration) then the top 5 most recurring code words will be listed.

You can compare the Total Time result with the actual time it took your team to develop the project. In case the actual time is higher than the calculated time results, your development process is less efficient than the average. However, it's easier to use the Productivity Report to get your developer productivity.

Tip: Clicking the title opens the project summary in a new window