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Project selection settings

Project Folder
Enter the folder (directory) on you local disk where the project source code resides.

1. Clicking it will open the folder in File Explorer
2. Textbox where you can type or paste the folder path
3. Clicking it will open the folder selection dialog that will allow you to browse for the folder, instead of typing it in the textbox.
It is recommended not to use the original folder used for development, rather a copy of the original folder, where you can remove files that should not be measured:
Auto-generated files -
source and data files created by the development environment (IDE) or other automated tools, These are usually irrelevant since the effort in producing them is very low, yet they have large intrinsic functionality.
Files developed by 3rd party - source and data files taken from a purchased commercial off-the-shelf product, These are usually irrelevant since the price paid for standard product commercial library is significantly lower.
Files copied from previous projects - Reused source code and library files,  These are usually irrelevant since they are either not delivered to the client in source form, or not sold exclusively to one client, therefore they are priced significantly lower.
Unit Test files - Testing code is mostly auto-generated and trivial, and is already factored for and included in the results. Complex testing code such as simulators and emulation layers should be treated as a separate project and analyzed separately, using Beta quality settings.

Tip: You can right-click a folder in Windows File Explorer and choose "Analyze with ProjectCodeMeter" to run ProjectCodeMeter with that folder already selected as the project folder.

Differential comparison
Enabling this checkbox turns on the Differential Analysis Mode which will allow you to specify an Old Version Folder, and analyze only the differences between the old version and the current one (selected in the Project Folder above). Unchecking this box will use the default Normal Analysis Mode.

Old Version Folder
Enter the folder (directory) on you local disk where an older version of the source code resides. This allows you to analyze only the differences between the old version and the current one (selected in the Project Folder above). 
This folder often used to designate:
Source code starting point (skeleton or code template) - this will exclude the effort of creating the code starting point, which is often auto-generated or copied.
Source files of any previous version of the project - Useful in order to get the delta (change) effort from the previous version to the current.

The auto-backup previous version of the projectYou can leave this box empty in order to analyze differences between the auto-backup version and the current one, a practice useful for Differential Cumulative Analysis.

When analysis ends
You can select the action that will be taken when the source code analysis finishes. This allows you to automatically open one of the generated analysis reports, every time the analysis process is finished. To make ProjectCodeMeter automatically exit,  select "Exit application" (useful for batch operation). To prevent this behavior simply select the first option from the list "Just show summary and charts". Note that all reports are generated and saved, regardless of this setting. You can always browse the folder containing the generated reports by clicking the "Reports" button, where you can open any of the reports or delete them.