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Programming Languages and File Types

ProjectCodeMeter analyzes the following Programming Languages and File Types:

C expected file extensions .C .CC  , [Notes: 1,2,5]
C++ expected file extensions .CPP .CXX , [Notes: 1,2,3,5,7]
C# and SilverLight expected file extensions .CS .ASMX , [Notes: 1,2,5,7]
JavaScript, JScript an TypeScript expected file extensions .JS .JSE .HTM .HTML .XHTML .ASP .HTA .ASPX , .TS [Notes: 4,5,6]
Objective C expected file extensions .M .MM, [Notes: 5]
Arduino Nano Sketch expected file extensions .INO  , [Notes: 1,2,5]
Nvidia CUDA expected file extensions .CU  , [Notes: 1,2,5]
UnrealScript v2 and v3 expected file extensions .UC
MetaTrader MQL4 and MQL5 expected file extensions .MQ4 .MQ5 .MQT [Notes: 1]
Flash/Flex ActionScript expected file extensions .AS .MXML, [Notes: 6]
Android RenderScript expected file extensions .RS [Notes: 5]
Java expected file extensions .JAVA .JAV .J, [Notes: 5]
J# expected file extensions .JSL, [Notes: 5]
DigitalMars D expected file extensions .D, [Notes: 5]
PHP expected file extensions .PHP, [Notes: 5,6]

Language Notes and Exceptions:
1. Does not support
placing executable code in header files (.h , .hpp, .mqh)
2. Can not correctly detect using macro definitions for replacing default language syntax, for example: #define LOOP while
3. Accuracy may be reduced with C++ projects extensively using STL operator overloading and templates.
4. Supports semicolon ended statements coding style only.
5. Does not measure inlining a second programming language in the program output, for example embedding JavaScript in PHP:
   echo('<script type="text/javascript">window.scrollTo(0,0);</script>');
   you will need to include the second language in an external file to be properly measured, for example:
6. Does not measure HTML tags and CSS elements, as these are usually generated by WYSIWYG graphic editors
7. Resource design files ( .RC .RES .RESX .XAML) are not measured

General notes
Your source file name extension should match the programming language inside it (for example naming a PHP code with an .HTML extension is not supported).
ProjectCodeMeter will do its best to detect the compiler toolchain, platform, or application infrastructure provider (AIP) for the source file and adjust measurements accordingly.

Programming Environments and Runtimes
ProjectCodeMeter supports source code written for almost all environments which use the file types it can analyze. These include:
Oracle/Sun Java Standard Editions (J2SE)
Oracle/Sun Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
Oracle/Sun Java Micro Edition (J2ME)
Oracle/Sun Java Developer Kit (JDK)
IBM Java VM and WebSphere
Google Android (SDK, NDK)
WABA JVM (SuperWABA, TotalCross)
Microsoft Visual C++
Microsoft J# (J Sharp) .NET
Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MS-JVM)
Microsoft C# (C Sharp) .NET
Microsoft SilverLight
Windows Scripting Engine (JScript)
IIS Active Server Pages (ASP)
Nokia QT
Macromedia / Adobe Flash
Adobe Flex
Adobe Flash Builder
Adobe AIR
Apple iPhone iOS
Firefox / Mozilla Gecko Engine
SpiderMonkey engine
Unreal Engine
Gnu Toolchain GCC, G++, Clang (all platforms)
Gnu CGJ (all platforms)
Arduino Ino
SDCC Small Device C Compiler
ARM RealView
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