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Introduction to the ProjectCodeMeter software

ProjectCodeMeter is a professional software tool for project managers to measure and estimate the Time, Cost, Complexity, Quality and Maintainability of software projects as well as Development Team Productivity by analyzing their source code. By using a modern software sizing algorithm called Weighted Micro Function Points (WMFP) a successor to solid ancestor scientific methods as COCOMO, Cyclomatic Complexity, and Halstead Complexity. It gives more accurate results than traditional software sizing tools, while being faster and simpler to configure.  By using ProjectCodeMeter a project manager can get insight into a software source code development within minutes, saving hours of browsing through the code.

Software Development Cost Estimation
ProjectCodeMeter measures development effort done in applying a project design into code (by an average programmer), including: coding, debugging, nominal code refactoring and revision, testing, and bug fixing. In essence, the software is aimed at answering the question "How long would it take for an average programmer to create this software?" which is the key question in putting a price tag for a software development effort, rather than the development time it took your particular programmer in you particular office environment, which may not reflect the price a client may get from a less/more efficient competitor, this is where a solid statistical model comes in, the APPW which derives its data from study of traditional cost models, as well as numerous new study cases factoring for modern software development methodologies.

Software Development Cost Prediction
ProjectCodeMeter enables predicting the time and cost it will take to develop a software, by using a feature analogous to the project you wish to create. This analogy based cost estimation model is based on the premise that it requires less expertise and experience to select a project with similar functionality, than to accurately answer numerous questions rating project attributes (cost drivers), as in traditional cost estimation models such as COCOMO, and COSYSMO.
In producing a price quote for implementing a future project, the desired cost estimation is the cost of that implementation by an average programmer, as this is the closest estimation to the price quote your competitors are offering.

Software Development Productivity Evaluation
Evaluating your development team productivity is a major factor in management decision making, influencing many aspects of project management, including: role assignments, target product price tag, schedule and budget planning, evaluating market competitiveness, and evaluating the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing. ProjectCodeMeter allows a project manager to closely follow the project source code progress within minutes, getting an immediate indication if development productivity drops. ProjectCodeMeter enables actively monitoring the progress of software development, by adding up multiple analysis measurement results (called milestones). The result is automatically compared to the Project Time Span, and the APPW statistical model of an average development teamand (if available) the Actual Time, Producing a productivity percentage value for rating your team performance.

Software Sizing
The time measurement produced by ProjectCodeMeter gives a standard, objective, reproducible, and comparable value for evaluating software size, even in cases where two software source codes contain the same line count (SLOC), since WMFP takes source code complexity into account.

Code Quality Inspection
The code metrics produced by ProjectCodeMeter give an indication to some basic and essential source code qualities that affect maintainability, reuse and peer review. ProjectCodeMeter also shows textual notices if any of these metrics indicate a problem.

Wide Programming Language Support
ProjectCodeMeter supports many programming languages, including C, C++, C#, CUDA, Java, ObjectiveC, DigitalMars D, Javascript, JScript, Android RenderScript, Arduino Sketch, Adobe Flash/Flex ActionScript, MetaQuotes MetaTrader MQL, UnrealEngine, and PHP. see a complete list of supported file types.

See the Quick Getting Started Guide for a basic workflow of using ProjectCodeMeter.