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Cumulative Differential Analysis

This process enables actively or retroactively monitoring the progress of software development, by adding up multiple analysis measurement results (called milestones). It is done by comparing the previous version of the project to the current one, accumulating the time and cost delta (difference) between the two versions.
Only when the software is in this mode, each analysis will be added to
History Report, and an auto-backup of the source files will be made into the ".Previous" sub-folder of your project folder.
Using this process allows to more accurately measure software projects developed using Agile lifecycle methodologies.

Step by step instructions:
 1. Make sure you don't have any open ProjectCodeMeter report files in your spreadsheet or browser, as these files will be updated
 2. Put on your local disk a folder with the current project revision (excluding any auto generated files, files created by 3rd party, files taken from previous projects) if you already have such folder from former analysis milestone, then use it instead and copy the latest source files into it.
 3. Select this folder into the Project Folder textbox
 4. Click the Differential Comparison checkbox to enable checking only revision differences
 5. Clear the Old Version Folder textbox, so that the analysis will be made against the auto-backup version, and an auto-backup will be created after the first milestone
 6. Optionally set the "When analysis ends:" option to "Open History Report" as the History Report is the most relevant to us in this process
 7. Select the Settings describing the current version of the project
 8. Click "Analyze", when the analysis process finishes the results for this milestone will be shown at the bottom right summary screen, While results for the overall project history will be written to the History Report file.
 9. Optionally, if you know the actual time it took to develop this project revision from the previous version milestone, you can input the number (in hours) in the Actual Time column at the end of the milestone row in the History Report file, this will allow you the see the Average Development Efficiency of your development team (indicated in that report) .