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Steps for Sizing Future Project for Cost Prediction or Price Quote

This process enables predicting the time and cost it will take to develop a software, by using a feature analogous to the project you wish to create. The closer the functionality of the project you select, the more accurate the results will be. This analogy based cost estimation model is based on the premise that it requires less expertise and experience to select a project with similar functionality, than to accurately answer numerous questions rating project attributes (cost drivers), as in traditional cost estimation models such as COCOMO, and COSYSMO.
In producing a price quote for implementing a future project, the desired cost estimation is the cost of that implementation by an average programmer, as this is the closest estimation to the price quote your competitors are offering.

Step by step instructions:
 1. Select a software project with similar functionality to the future project you plan on developing. Usually an older project of yours, or a downloaded Open Source project from one of the open source repository websites such as SourceForge (www.sf.net) or Google Code (code.google.com)
 2. Make sure you don't have any open ProjectCodeMeter report files in your spreadsheet or browser, as these files will be updated
 3. Put the project source code in a folder on your local disk (excluding any auto generated files, for cost prediction exclude files which functionality is covered by code library you already have)
 4. Select this folder into the Project Folder textbox
 5. Select the Settings describing the project (make sure not to select "Differential comparison"). Note that for producing a price quote it is recommended to select the best Debugging Tools type available for that platform, rather than the ones you have, since your competitor probably uses these and therefore can afford a lower price quote.
 6. Click "Analyze", when the process finishes the results will be at the bottom right summary screen