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Estimating the Maintainability of a Software Project

The difficulty in maintaining a software project is a direct result of its overall size (effort and development time), code style and qualities.

Step by step instructions:
 1. Using Windows explorer, Identify files to be evaluated, usually only files created for this project (excluding  files auto-generated by the development tools, data files, and files maintained by a third party)
 2. Copy these files to a separate new folder
 3. Select this folder into Project Folder
 4. Select the Settings describing the project
 5. Optionally set the "When analysis ends" action to "Open Quality report" as this report is the most relevant for this task
 6. Click "Analyze"
analysis finishes, the total time (Programming Hours) as well as Code Quality Notes Count will be at the bottom right summary screen.
The individual
quality notes will be at the rightmost column of each file in the file list.
The Quality Report file contains that information as well.
As expected, the bigger the project in Programing Time and the more Quality Notes it has, the harder it will be to maintain.