ProjectCodeMeter Source code metrics Time and Cost esitmation Software sizing Team productivity measurments COCOMO SLOC countProjectCodeMeter
Estimates Software Development Cost & Time,
as well as Measures Code Quality and Team Productivity
within minutes by using Automatic Source Code Analysis

What can it do?
- Work hours assessment of a remote employee, freelancer or outsource
- Appraise your source code worth in time and money
- Predict a development budget and schedule by analyzing an analogous
- Monitor drops in your development team productivity
- Compare your development productivity to the statistical average
- Get warnings on source code quality issues
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ProjectCodeMeter Pro v1.29 Free 3 Month Trial version with Full Functionality
optionally packaged in a ZIP or RAR file.



Main Features

4 Cost Estimation Models Implements 4 industry standard cost models: Weighted Micro Function Points (WMFP), COCOMO 81, COCOMO II 2000, Revic 9.2 Software Development Languages Supported programming languages:
Java, J#, C, C++, C#, PHP, Flash ActionScript, Objective C, Javascript, Microsoft JScript, Unreal engine script, DigitalMars D
Development Cost Estimaion and Code Metrics Reports Generates HTML and Microsoft Excel compatible reports (see Report Examples), and includes a Configurable Report Template Engine for generating custom reports Monitor Software Development Progress Can operate in Differential Mode, monitoring changes in source code development productivity (essential for Six-Sigma, ISO and CMMI certification compliance)
ProjectCodeMeter Software Sizing for Outsourcing Work Hours Assessment and Development Cost Estimation