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Quantitative Metrics

These are the traditional metrics used by legacy sizing algorithms, and are given for general information. They can be given per file or for the entire project, depending on the context.

Files - The number of files which the metrics where measured from (per project only).
LLOC - Logical Lines Of Code, which is the number of code statements in the code (also called Effective Lines Of Code, eLoc, eSLOC, SLOC-L).  ProjectCodeMeter excludes any auto-generated, empty, or ineffective code statements from the LLOC count (see notes on counting LLOC).
Multi Line Comments - Counts the number of comments that span more than one text line.
Single Line Comments - Counts the number of comments that span only a single text line.
High Quality Comments - Counts the number of comments that are considered verbally descriptive, regardless of how many text lines they span.
Strings -  The number of "hard coded" text strings embedded in code sections of the source. This is language dependent. it does not count text outside code sections, such as mixed HTML text in a PHP page.
Numeric Constants - The number of "hard coded" numbers embedded in the source code.