ProjectCodeMeter Pro download is the full software installation, which can start as a Free 5 Month Trial version with Full Functionality, and can be used as fully registered version by providing your license name and serial.


NOTE: On Windows 8 and above you may get this warning for Unknown Publisher before installing, this is OK, you can approve it by clicking "More Info" then "Run Anayway":


Click More Info to install on Windows 8 and Windows 10 if installer doesn't run




ProjectCodeMeter Pro v2.05 (latest)

Download latest version
optionally packaged in a ZIP file.


Changes from previous version:
- Detailed source code metrics: Duplicate lines, Refactored code, Cyclomatic Complexity and more

- Added code Growth estimate

- More quality warnings: Obfuscated code, Commented out code, and more

- Improved source differential comparison: Detects deleted code

- Fully customizable reports

- Improved user interface experience
- Bug fixes



ProjectCodeMeter Pro v1.29

Download latest version


Changes from previous version:
- Command line processing fixes and improvments

- Improved source differential accuracy


ProjectCodeMeter Software Sizing for Outsourcing Work Hours Assessment and Development Cost Estimation