ProjectCodeMeter Source code metrics Time and Cost esitmation Software sizing Team productivity measurments COCOMO SLOC countProjectCodeMeter
Estimates Software Development Cost & Time,
as well as Measures Code Quality and Team Productivity
within minutes by using Automatic Source Code Analysis

What can it do?
- Work hours assessment of a remote employee, freelancer or outsource.
- Appraise your source code worth in time and money.
- Predict a development budget and schedule by analyzing an analogous.
- Monitor drops in your development team productivity.
- Compare your development productivity to the statistical average.
- Get warnings and metrics on source code quality issues.
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ProjectCodeMeter Pro v2.43 Free 5 Month Trial version with Full Functionality
optionally packaged in a ZIP file.



Main Features

4 Cost Estimation Models Implements 4 industry standard cost models: Weighted Micro Function Points (WMFP), COCOMO 81, COCOMO II 2000, Revic 9.2 Software Development Languages Supported programming languages:
Java, J#, C, C++, C#, D, PHP, Objective-C, Javascript, MS JScript, Typescript, Unreal engine script, ActionScript, MetaTrader MQL, CUDA, RenderScript, Arduino Sketch
Development Cost Estimaion and Code Metrics Reports Generates HTML, XLS, CSV and Microsoft Project compatible reports (see Report Examples), and includes a Configurable Report Template Engine for generating custom reports Monitor Software Development Progress Can operate in Differential Mode, monitoring changes in source code development productivity (essential for Six-Sigma, ISO and CMMI certification compliance)
ProjectCodeMeter Software Sizing for Outsourcing Work Hours Assessment and Development Cost Estimation