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Advanced Configuration

Work days per week
For the purpose of calendar dates and duration (i.e Raw Work Span, and COCOMO), this value states the amount of working days in a week, excluding weekend rest days, vacations, and sick days.

Work minutes per day
For the purpose of calendar dates and duration (i.e Raw Work Span, and COCOMO),  this value states work time within a work day, including lunch, small breaks, contextual meetings, but excluding non-work activity above half an hour like office parties.

Reference models mode type
For reference models (COCOMO, REVIC) this value either sets a pre-determined mode "Organic" / "Semi-Detached" / "Embedded", or sets "Auto-Detect" to deduce the mode from the project source code.
Auto detection uses heuristics to detect if the project source code contains embedded real-time code.

File compare tool
Determines the location of the text compare application (if any). ProjectCodeMeter will try to auto-detect standard tools like WinMerge, KDiff3, or Meld and set this value accordingly. To use your own file comparison tool, select its main exe file into this field.
In case this is empty, It's recommended to install one of the standard diff tools, so you could compare the old and new version files of an analyzed project with a simple right-click in the files list.

Enabling this will extract lists of elements (like strings and code words), from the source code during analysis, and save them to the reports folder under the "Lists" folder.
The list of strings is useful for translating the software UI from one spoken language to another, or gather embedded SQL commands.
The list of code words allows you to see all names that appear in the file (of variables, functions, macros, type, etc.) sorted by recurrence (popularity).