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Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Are my source code files secure?

ProjectCodeMeter is a desktop application, your source never leaves your PC. The main application doesn't connect to the internet (only the license manager application connects once at activation, with user approval). See the Changing License Key section for further details.

Where are XLS spreadsheet reports (for Excel)?

ProjectCodeMeter generates special HTML report files that can be opened in spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, Gnumeric and OpenOffice Calc. You may rename the HTML reports to XLS if you want them to be opened by your spreadsheet application upon doubleclick.See the Reports section for further details.

Why numbers don't add up or off by a decimal point?

Because the algorithm uses high precision decimal point to calculate and store data, and numbers usually shown with no decimal point (integers), the result is that several numbers added may appear to give higher sum than expected, since the software includes the fraction of a decimal point value. For example 2 + 2 may result in 5, since the real data is 2.8 + 2.9 = 5.7, but the user only sees the integer part. This is a good thing, since the calculation and sum is done in a higher precision than what is visible. Please note that Differential analysis does not yet detect refactoring, therefore refactored code will show higher effort than actual.

Why are all results 0?

1. You may have the files open in another application like your Developer Studio, please save them and close all other applications.
2. Leaving the Price per Hour input box empty or 0 will result in costs being 0 as well.
3. Enabling the Differential Comparison checkbox
causes ProjectCodeMeter to compare the source to another source version, if that source version is the same then the resulting time and costs will be 0, as ProjectCodeMeter only shows the differences between the two versions. Disable this checkbox to get a normal analysis.
4. If the files you analyze
contain only visual graphic elements markup (HTML / CSS / RES), the effort will show 0 as GUI design is not measured.
Your source file name extension may not match the programming language inside it (for example naming a PHP code with an .HTML extension), see the programming languages section.

Why are report files or images missing or not updated?

Make sure you close all other applications that use the report files, such as Excel or your Web Browser, before starting the analysis.
On some systems, you may also need to run ProjectCodeMeter under administrator account, do this by either logging in to Windows as Administrator, or right clicking the ProjectCodeMeter shortcut and select "Run as administrator" or "Advanced-Run under different credentials". For more details see your Windows help, or contact your system administrator. NOTE: only Microsoft Excel supports updating HTM and HTML report files correctly.

Why is the History Report not created or updated?

The History report is only updated after a Cumulative Differential Analysis  (selected by enabling the Differential Comparison checkbox and leaving the Older Version text box empty).

Why can't I see the Charts (there is just an empty space)?

You may need to install the latest version of Adobe Flash ActiveX for Internet Explorer.
If you are running ProjectCodeMeter on Linux Wine (possible but not advised), you will not be able to see the charts, because of Flash incompatibility issues, installing the Flash ActiveX on wine may cause ProjectCodeMeter to crash.

I analyzed an invalid code file, but I got an estimate with no errors, why?

Given invalid or non-standard source code ProjectCodeMeter will do the best it can to understand your source. It is required that the source code be valid and compilable. ProjectCodeMeter is NOT a code error checker, rather a coding good practice guider (on top of being a cost estimator). For error checking please use a static code analyzer like lint, as well as code coverage, and code profiler tools.

Can I install without internet connection?

Activation of either Trial or a License require an internet connection, after that point you may disconnect from the internet. For further details see the Changing License Key section.

Why header (.h) files aren't measured?

Using modern development tools header files are automatically generated. Coding style where code is placed into header files is currently not supported, see Supported File Types for further detail.

Why do results differ from older ProjectCodeMeter version?

While WMFP cost model stays the same, our file comparison and analysis engines improve, detecting new code types and fixing bugs. To consistently compare source code size one should use the same ProjectCodeMeter version to analyze both - however it is advised to always use the latest ProjectCodeMeter version, as it offers improved estimation accuracy.
As a general rule, ProjectCodeMeter versions with the same major and first minor digits are feature compatible, with only bug fixes introduced (for example version 1.20 and 1.26)

Where can I start the License or Trial?

See the Changing License Key section.

What programming languages and file types are supported by ProjectCodeMeter?

See the programming languages section.

What do i need to run ProjectCodeMeter?

See System Requirements.